Only Human

An interactive installation made during Dames Making Games: Feb Fatale.

Showcased at Vector Fest.

Created by: Kat Barrett, Brittney Oberfeld, David Charbonneau, Lee Tran & Kim Koronya

Only Human is a thought-provoking installation that situates the participant in a futuristic time-period of dictatorship and oppression. Completely ruled by machines, planet Earth and its forms of life are forced to work, play, and think in extreme mechanical and instruction-oriented ways. Being the most intelligent specimens on Earth, Humans evidently become managed by the machines very differently than other forms of life: they are forced to use their complex minds to remember experiences that enforce rules, parameters, and how rebellion employs consequence. These memories evidently promote algorithmic thought and muscle movement, while furthermore convincing the brain that dictatorship and manuals for everyday action are adequate for society. Although these memories may be slightly different for each human, the end goal for the machines remains the the same: to have humans permanently forget creativity, open-mindedness and freedom of speech.